Crazy Safeway

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Ok, did 2 more safeway runs today. Frankly, I think I like the adrenaline rush of saving so much. I am a complete loser, I am aware.

Run #1
(the first items are just things that were on sale/needs, they are not part of the LW promo)
Yeast 6.99
Milk 1.99
English Muffins 1.49
2 Pepperoni 5.00
2 hillshire farms sausage 5.00
Celery 1.00
Spinach 1.00
now for the living well Promo Items:
4 Arrowhead water (1.99 ea) 7.96 (minus 1$ catalina) (basically free — prints out a total of 4$ catalina at the register)
4 Black Beans (1.34 ea) 5.34 (79 cents ea)
2 All Laundry Detergent 4.49 ea (minus 2 IP coupons) (1.66 ea)
10 Yogurts (50 cents each if you buy 10) 5.00 (minus 1/8$ IP) (19 cents ea –AMAZING price)
String cheese 3.99 (2.37)
Total before all coupons/discounts: 88.53
Total after club card/prior catalinas of 12.00 (I also had a save 5 off 50 coupon I got in the mail) 28.21 (68% saved) — plus I got 14.00 between the LW deal and the water catalinas to spend next time.

Run #2
8 Classico pasta sauces (ONLY SPECIFIC ONES are for the LW promo — they were not marked at my store — this is actually why I did 2 runs, because I wanted to come home and check which ones were on the promo — they are all just alfredos, none of the tomato sauces — you can look them up at 2.00 ea (1.18 ea — plus a free box of pasta!)
8 boxes of Safeway Pasta — free with purchase of classico — must buy in 2’s (free)
Water 3.98 (basically free)
John Muir Crushed Tomatoes 2.50 (minus 1$ IP) (48 cents)
10 Yogurts 50 cents each (minus $1 IP) (19 cents each)
Feta Cheese 3.00 (1.70)
Total Before Coupons, etc. 63.77
Total after coupons/14.00 of catalinas (lw and arrowhead water) 9.94 (84% savings) with 10.00 of catalinas to spend next time (somehow they only scanned one water, but it ended-up working out — just don’t have the catalina from that one — not sure how I still got the LW promo, but whatever).

** the yogurt and the pasta are amazing deals, I haven’t seend prices that low ever — just FYI. The rest is pretty decent but those are the two that brought my large-ness out to the store twice this week.

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