A Decent Wag’s Run

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Had a decent Wag’s run this AM — here’s what I got:

Colgate Total Advanced Whitening toothpaste 3.49 – .75 cent coupon (from the paper, I think last week) = 2.74 got back 3.50 in register rewards — made like 75 cents.

Reach dental floss (somehow we’re super low on dental floss — and I found this out yesterday while doing cinnamon rolls) 2/5.00 – 3.50 prior register reward paid around 1.50 — got back 2.50 in register rewards

Johnsons and Johnsons Baby was is 2/6.00 this week – minus 2.00 coupon (save 2 on 2) makes it 4.00 – used prior register reward paid 1.50’ish got back 1.00 in register rewards

Bought body wash and desitin, used 2.00 coupon totaled out to 4.00, used 1.00 register reward, paid 3 bucks and got back 1$ register reward for next time

So, in total I paid about 9 dollars (I think retail is around 28 for all that — which I would never pay), with 1$ to use next time. Not bad — and its’ all stuff we’ll use, however we’re getting pretty stocked on toothpaste. If you follow the ads you can get TONS of toothpaste for free (or even make money like I did today).

For some reason the register was having some issue with the coupon and the register rewards on the baby stuff. I stood my ground though. FYI — Walgreen’s policy is only one coupon per item. I had 2 coupons, and 2 items, and the manager voided it out for me and made it work. But just so’s you know. :)

In other news our car sits at the fix-it shop right now. Although a fast, cheap fix doesn’t seem to be in the cards for our little green car I can hope. Right? Crossing my fingers…

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    I stopped stocking up on toothpaste because I had so much. Now I realize we are down to two tubes…better start watching out for it again!

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