Dishwasher Economics

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Drew comes home

Dishwasher comes

I run-off to school site council (D stays home with S — feel the joy)

I call Drew when I get to school to remind him not to sign for it if ANYTHING is wrong.

Drew says, “I didn’t know we got a white one — and the buttons are on top?”

Me: “That’s not our dishwasher.”

Phewsh, they pulled the wrong one off the truck.

Installed appropriate one. We ran a rinse cycle on it yesterday. I literally had to mute the TV to hear it. Our other one had a nice 1/8″ piece of foam surrounding it — Drew says this one is encased in insulation. Ahhh, even more joy to be felt. I have yet to wash with it.

However, I have a question for you and your silverware. Do you put it in the dishwasher with the used part facing up, or the handle facing up? YOU, you, reading my blog — comment. Drew says they get cleaner if they do it that way (and our utensil baskets have these little covers that make it so you can just slide each handle into a slot)… and I say it’s gross to have to touch the tops of the utensils when you get it out. What do YOU think?

Also, because of my obsessive compuslive nature I’m trying to figure out the best way to load everything into the dishwasher. This one has fancy stuff like fold-down tines, extra little shelves to pull down, and the top drawer adjusts.

Seriously. So fancy.

Oh and we got the car. It wasn’t the “worse case scenario” — it was 30 bucks cheaper. Wow. I guess every 30 bucks counts, right? I’m sure you’re all wondering what on EARTH did we do to the car? Well, here’s just a little list — the air flow-sensor-or-something-like-that had to be replaced, we had an oil leak, so he fixed that (but didn’t have to replace the oil pump), timing belt, front brakes, new spark plugs, transmission flush, I think that’s it. I told Drew to make sure diamonds weren’t coming out the exhaust pipe — and if they were, please be sure and catch them.

I don’t think he found me amusing.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. says

    I still think that is too much $$. You should go to my guy Brandon next time. He rocks.

    As for the silverware, I am with you. I think it’s sort of couter productive to touch the eating part after it’s been cleaned.

  2. says

    We actually put them in handle side down – perhaps because we have no kids. They seem to be less smushed that way. And we always wash our hands before emptying the dishwasher. :)

  3. says

    Handles are usually up….only because that’s usually how we’re holding the silverware when we load the dishwasher and it’s also easier to grab a big bunch to put them away. It’s also a safer for little hands whose only job it is to put away the clean silverware. We should probably think about washing hands before putting them away, but oh well!

  4. Our Family says

    Silverware handle side up. Then there is less of a chance of injury when children are unloading the silverware. :-)

  5. says

    swalep (just to let you know the verification word of the day)

    We have such a crappy dishwasher that I started washing by hand the last couple of weeks (weekends only, of course). But before that silverware was soaked and rinsed before going handle down (with no spooning) into the dishwasher.

    The knives get taken out seperately before the boy empties the silverware. Whether the hands are washed before or not is anyone’s guess.

    The same hygeine question could arise before setting the table also.

  6. Sarah says

    Hi Hilary!
    Congrats on your new dishwasher! Someone asked this question of Martha Stewart in her magazine column once and the answer is to stagger/alternate the silverware. Some up, some down so that nothing is shielded from the spray and no spoons get stuck together. Of course, always do the sharp knives blade down. I can’t believe you’re due so soon! Exciting!

  7. says

    Knives and forks are handles up, spoons handle down. I’d do spoons handle down too, except they, well, spoon each other, and don’t get as clean. Forks don’t seem to have that problem.

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