Entirely Caught-up

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I did 9 scrapbook pages this AM… one of them was even digital, combining all the pregnancy shots I had… check me out.

Anyway, part of me wonders if something in my head keeps the little dear in. Heavens knows I don’t feel ready inside — but if that was the case. But, just in case that thing in my head was scrapbooking — it’s gone now. :) Not a single picture left. Take THAT Stacy Julian.

Well, anyway — contractions keep coming, but scrapbooking helped me concentrate on something else. Kids are going to church with D’s cousin (I heart her), Drew needs to stay home — you know, in case my water breaks he can get out the wet vac. I’m going to make him do prenatal yoga with me. He’ll be begging to go to Sunday School within the hour.

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    I got a text today saying you went into labor last night so we probably had a baby Erickson…then I got another text…false alarm. Good luck! I’ll remember tomorrow as I move into my new apartment that I could be giving birth. Thanks! You always know how to put things into perspective :D

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