ER: The Finale

I have to say, kind of disappointing. I guess they’d been saying “goodbye” the whole season — but it would’ve been nicer to have all the “shockers” in the last episode (or at least more of them). I enjoyed how they tied Rachel Green into it though, since when Mark Green left the show pretty well went downhill.

Mostly, at the end, I just kept waiting for one of the ambulances to explode, or Carter to take a patient and it end-up being Benton — or a Gorilla to fall from the sky, killing all of the staff.

You know, not so much “life goes on” but more like “ER’s life goes on.” Since there was never anything too weird for them. But, life does go on. And it’s WAY past my bedtime. So I am also done for the day.
Nighty night!

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