Frugal Thoughts

Today, as I was re-packaging my chicken (on sale at Safeway this week, in case anyone else is low 1.99/pound) I thought of one of my best money savers — use less meat.

WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING THESE CHICKENS? Their breasts are HUGE (I need to get me some of that!)!!!!! Anyway, just lately I’ve started only using 2 chicken breasts for dinner (prior to then I was using 3). I pound them out a bit (got a meat pounder for Christmas) and I split them into four. No one is compaining, and there’s often leftovers.

I re-package my hamburger into approximately 3/4 pound packages. I still use this in recipes that call for a full pound. No one cares.

Anyway, it’s a big money saver. I still like to have meat (and I think it’s important for my kids, because they are tiny little things — but we do go meatless usually once a week), but the cost can be prohibitive (although, less if it’s on sale).

Go team.

Who wants a nap? I think I’m officially in the super tired end portion of pregnancy.

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  1. says

    When I cook, I totally halve the meet. When Joel cooks, he doesn’t.

    And that explains why there were 3 entire chicken breasts left over last night at dinner. Yet he still always over makes the meat.

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    Great ideas! I need to do that with meals more often. Especially our lasagna… I hope you’re napping right now! I’m way excited for you to have a girl, by the way!

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    I do that too and I prefer it that way. I feel like there’s less waste and I like things more saucy and less chunky so it’s a plus. Also, I cut my dryer sheets in half and it works just as great.