I Hearby Banish You from My DVR

No, this entry has no pink fuzzy hat. My apologies. My cervix, like my will — is apparently made of iron. Do with that fact as you will.

In other news I took a show off my DVR. ABC’s Brothers and Sisters. I just couldn’t take it anymore. It used to a show about family and how they loved each other. Now it’s about family who loves each other, and expects everyone to love them unconditionally, because their mother will fix it. In a world where everything is screwed up because of a lack of values, that’s what every single character on this show portrays and I can’t take it anymore. Drew applauded when I did it.

At least I did one thing right today.

Tests were great at the hospital, all is fine. She must just want me all to herself for a bit longer. And who, really, can blame her? I’m quite amazing. Admit it, you all want me to give you my full attention. The dreaded I word has been thrown around. Hoping I don’t have to use it. Cross your fingers.

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  1. says

    I just took Grey’s off the DVR… I couldn’t handle alllll the lesbians any more… they just put them in there for the ratings… and its so lame… done. done and done.

    I’ve never seen Brothers & Sisters… but good for you!

  2. says

    Guess I’ll be glad I’ve never even heard of that show.

    Fingers and toes all crossed.

    I want a pink fuzzy hat picture.