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Today I mused out loud if there are more heart attacks on General Conference weekend than any other time of the year. Do you think there is? Or, perhaps we’re all blessed with slick little arteries for being good boys and girls? (BTW, General Conference is for our entire church, and it is on TV — hence, I watch it in my jammies and on the Sunday I always make cinnamon rolls, and we have those little sausages that are like hot dogs… seriously, it’s a heart attack waiting to happen).

The cinnamon rolls were AMAZING though, this year. I made some delightful cream cheese frosting to go on them. I always do 2 batches — one of cinnamon and one of orange rolls. I love them both so. Yum. And yes, they are totally not on my diet. Thanks for noticing that.

Between sessions we took Drew’s car to the shop. On Friday he’d had some issues with it stalling on the way home, and lights coming on — nothing good. He tried some oil, but that didn’t particularly resolve it. So, to the shop we went where it will wait quietly for someone to see it tomorrow. I was trailing him in the van, and things were going great until we were about 2 blocks from the shop, when it started stalling. I couldn’t find my emergency lights to save my soul — but somehow we made it into the parking lot. Of course, it died for good when we got there (HUGE blessing — amazing how that can happen) and Drew and I had to push it into a stall. And no, I didn’t go into labor. I am guessing a picture would be helpful at this point — but I didn’t take any.

My apologies.

Please say a prayer for our car, that it’s a quick, not too expensive fix. It’s hard to complain since that car has been SO good to us over the years. But — you know me, I’m a worrier. I guess I’ll go pull some curls over it.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Your cinnamon rolls sound delish! We had homemade soft pretzels & chocolate chip oatmeal craisin cookies. I’ll tell you what is AMAZING– a 37 week pregnant woman pushing a car! What are you doing? Trying to go into labor? Good luck with your car! I hope it lasts long enough for your sons to drive it when they’re 16… :)

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