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One of the big Mormon philosophies is “make it do, or do without” and while I feel a bit sheepish writing this entry after I screamed about getting my new dishwasher… I think it’s a good thought for all of us. Also, something to carefully consider before you do make a purchase — is there any way to make it do? For us, on the dishwasher — yes, we could’ve made do — but it only would’ve lasted a few months, and we’d be doing without. And heavens knows you don’t want to see ME doing without a dishwasher with a new baby.

For instance, for SO long I’ve felt that things I stored needed to be stored in plastic boxes. Incurring both the expense for the plastic box, as well as creating the need for more plastic to be made (and kill our earth — thank you Al Gore). In reality, we have a lot of really sturdy cardboard boxes that can easily be made use of. So, that’s what I did. It’s working, and honestly — if those ever go bad I know where I can find some more of them. :) I think I just got caught-up in how pretty the plastic boxes are. And for some things, they really are important (food items)– but to hold our kites, or outdoor toys, canteens, etc. that we store in the garage — the low tech approach is doable.

The other thing is to know what you have so you can use it. I’ve had a GIANT thing of oxyclean in my garage for a LONG time — but because of where it was located and how hard it was to pull down I didn’t use it. So, when I cleaned-up the garage I made it useable. I found a smaller container (yes, it was plastic) that I could pour some in to sit by my washing machine. Find the things around your house that you have, and find a better way to use them.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts for the day. Have you guys ever re-purposed something? I’d love to hear if you have good stories.

Also wanted to say I know why our nation is in bankruptcy — does anyone else besides me pay their taxes right? Yeesh, I’m sick of all these cabinet appointees and their mistakes. {shaking head}

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    I need to be better at this. Sometimes I’m on major make it do kicks, and other times I’m just not.

    Right now I’m not.

    And every time I come here, I’m a little shocked by your pink header.

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