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I just finished watching Oprah from yesterday.

I have mixed feelings.

I think that most of the moms who are on there are mom bloggers who make a fair amount of money at their children’s expense — not that I don’t have a funny child story or two — but I know they’re expounding on the trials of motherhood, for the love of the filthy lucre.

I think that most of these moms were working a lot before having a baby, and are having the inner struggle of giving that up to stay at home. Being raised LDS I figured this was what my life would be like. I also had a mother who showed me how to do it all (and by it all — I don’t mean work and have kids — I mean parent, clean your house and make dinner), and not end-up using duct tape and napkins to diaper my child.

Anyway, sadly I think this was an episode that boiled back to the working vs non-working moms. While I don’t find myself in any particular camp I think I tend to think I’m a non-working mom. I don’t think you can fool yourself into thinking you can do it all, and you definitely can’t fool your kids.

And now I’m going to close my eyelids and drool on the keyboard.

After having some lunch… I was thinking that this episode of Oprah reminded me of John and Kate plus 8, vs. the Table for 12 mom. I feel like John and Kate are just trying to get through their lives, and acting like it is SO difficult for them (btw, I saw that they might be having marriage troubles, that’s ver sad if true). The lady on table for 12 (2 sets of twins and sextuplets, one of whom is disabled) just seems to love her life. She really enjoys being the mother and while her life is complete insanity I think she really loves what she’s doing. It’s quite a comparison if you watch both shows. Maybe that’s a blog for another day.

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    I didn’t like it. I felt like it was really negative… and I understand that motherhood is hard and I’m all about needing to vent and stuff… but I just felt like these women didn’t value their children and felt it was a burden instead of a blessing. It just left me feeling sad and like I wanted to send all of them Sister Beck’s talks.

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