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This morning I told Conner that if I gave him a report card about his table manners he would be failing. Then I told him he could feel free to grade me now.

Here is his response:
Making dinner: A+
Patience: this is what Conner did: “A… and then looked away.” (he knows better than to embitter me at breakfast)

We’re going to instate family movie night, because going out to dinner isn’t going to be as much of an option with a newborn and I think I want to expose my kids to all the great children’s movies that are out there (and I said that Drew and I were the only ones that could pick animated films — sometimes I think their lives are so consumed by Disney/Dreamworks that they’re unable to see all the other movies out there — like, we watched “Secondhand Lions” together a few weeks ago — it was a big hit with all of us), and it’s a nice cheap way to do it. ANYWAY, I was thinking maybe we could kind of do report cards for all of us at dinner before the movie. Maybe think of some areas for the kids and they could think of areas for the adults.

Any ideas for areas of grading?

In other news I went to Ross today. I actually found most everything on my list (except for a mirror so that I can see the baby when she’s rear facing — do I really need one of those?). It was a Ross miracle. I also found some Robeez Tredz for 9 bucks — which were not on my list but were exceedingly cheap and cute. Feel THAT joy.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    If you can even make it through a dept store w/out purchasing something adorable for your pink bundle of job, well you win the prize. I too have two boys and if I was going to have a baby girl, well I just don’t think we would be financially stable any longer. We, as a family, saw Secondhand Lions and loved it. I thought the Duvall/Caine was excellent. We have movie nights on Friday evening and the boys love it. We change it to Saturday evenings when the hubby and I are playing volleyball. Keep up the great posts.

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