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Still pregnant — that pretty well says it all. However, yesterday S came down with a little cold, and he woke-up a couple of times during the night pretty sad — so I was happy that it was me here and not someone else. Hate leaving sick kids. Perhaps I’ve mentioned Conner vomiting before I had Spencer?

Contractions went anywhere between every 2 to every 5 minutes yesterday, but as soon as I get up to just change position, or pee or whatever — they leave. It bugs. They aren’t that painful though, obviously — or I’d be in the hospital. :) Dr’s gonna strip my membranes today, I am going to tell her no need to go gentle, I’m a big girl. :)

So, I thought I’d answer some the questions we keep getting, you know — with all my spare time:

Why not just get induced? I think induction has a time and a place. For instance, I have a few tests on the baby today — if any of those came-up bad I would immediately go for induction. If they’re fine, I figure I’m fine for a couple of days. People have c-sections because they get induced, once your water is broken the party’s over and either your uterus pushes it out, or we cut it out. Inductions are harder than natural labor — both on you and on the baby. There’s an increased incidence of bleeding, and poor outcomes with induction. And that is all. Also, I think that babies who make it out on their own have a better adaptation to regular life. Even if it’s not so fun stowing them in there til’ they’re darn well ready.

What’s the baby’s name? We have a top 12 list (I thought it was a top 10 list, but I was wrong — although, there are a few on there that I have mentally crossed-out already). It is loaded in our phones and when she comes out we’ll figure it out. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but my mom calls the baby “screen door”. The kids have come-up with about 9 million “funny” (aka, STOP TALKING ABOUT THE BABY’S NAME) names, mostly on car rides… (mashed potatoes, silly string… etc.) Spencer told her screen door one day and somehow it stuck. We may end-up nick-naming her Dorie, even if her name’s Lolita (which it won’t be). Believe me, my not naming the baby anything yet is driving my parents insane. Maybe that’s why I’m doing it — it’s my inner teenager. :) I’ve obviously already had sex, and I hope to do some drugs soon….

Going back to work? Yes, I’ll be going back to work. I’m so grateful for the CA disability policy — I’ve had paid disability since the beginning of March and I will get another 6 weeks after she’s born. PLUS I get another 6 weeks on top of that of family leave. I’d like to take that in October, but the jury’s still out. I hope to convince my manager what a great idea that is (otherwise Drew and I will both be home for 6 weeks of the summer). In Utah I had about 2 weeks of sick leave, that I had to slowly distribute during the 5 weeks I took off so I could pay for my insurance. Sad news.

Well, there’s another contraction. At least now, most of the time, I don’t feel like they’re shoving her up into my lungs — it does seem to have downward momentum. The kids aren’t handling this particularly well. Conner’s so concerned about when it’s going to happen, what will happen to him the percentage chance that I’ll have the baby today. STAR testing is this week too so I am feeling a lot of mommy guilt. He told my mom he’s “antsy” — true dat.

So, Hilary out. Wouldn’t it be delicious if my next entry was with a cute little bundle with a pink hat? Oh, and for the moms out there — did you have a baby with a sick other child? Any hints on that? I figure I’ll wash his hands good and keep him out of her face… what’d you do?

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  1. says

    Shockingly, no. None of my kids have been sick when a new baby arrives. However, they were generally a lot healthier before we moved here.

    I hear you on the induction. I wasn’t too hip on it with Sophie, but the only reason I agreed was because I suspected my water had been broken for about 3 days, and Joel was leaving soon, and the whole Group B/Fast labor issue. It was definitely harder than the other two, but still relatively fast.

    Yes please. Make sure your next entry is definitely a cute bundle of pink. With a name. :)

  2. says

    It seems like with Cooper kids were sick in some way all the time! I did my best to keep them right out of his face, but I also tried to not stress about it too much!

    It also seems like with each baby, I’ve been up the night before, most of the night, with one of the other kids…leaving me very tired!

    I did induction with Sophi and Cooper, as you know. I wish that I hadn’t had to go that route, but once the babies were here, they were just fine, and I actually felt back to normal the same or faster than the other two. Maybe I’m just lucky though!

    Can’t wait to hear from you! And yes, I expect a phone call! I don’t want to have to come to your blog to find out I have a new niece!!! :)

    I’m thinking of you constantly!! Good luck!

  3. says

    Oh, man! i was SURE I’d see an entry today of you with that cute little bundle in a pink hat! Dang!

    Never had a sick one when the other arrived. Keep him washed and at a distance for a bit and you’ll be fine.

    I’m dying to see what her name is…..come on “lady baby” (that’s what my brother called his nameless baby in utero!)…come meet your eager new family!! Good Luck, Hilary!

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