Today’s Grocery Run

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Let me just say that I took Drew with me on this little grocery shopping trip. I think he was even impressed — although he didn’t do a cheerleading jump or anything. I split into 2 transactions (some people are saying they are having issues getting the catalina in back to back transactions, I hadn’t heard this prior to my run — by just an FYI — you might want to split them up — take one to your car and then go again):

Trasaction #1
Skippy 2.50 – 50 cent coupon (from Safeway flier in the mail) (.98)
Chef Boyardee 1.00 X 4 (.59)
Arrowhead waters 1.99 X 2 – 1/2 coupon from catalina machine from yesterday (ends-up paying for itself and a bit of change after catalina)
Capri Sun 1.99 – 1.00 coupon from weekend paper (which we get on Sat.) (.18)
Muir Glen Tomatoes 2.50 – 1.00 IP coupon (.48)
Viva Paper Towels 6.49 – .50 IP coupon (3.35)
Tropicana 50 OJ 2.50 – 1.00 coupon (.48)
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sand. 3.99 (2.37– not a great price, but it fits the diet)
Total before coupons, etc. 47.85
Used $10 living well catalina and 2.00 from Arrowhead water from yesterday, along with coupons total: 11.31 (77% savings)
Got back 12.00 in catalinas (10$ living well and 2$ Arrowhead water)

Transaction #2
Kraft Salad Dressing 3.69 – 1.99 from Safeway Coupon from mail flier – 1.50 manufacturer’s coupon (they paid me 30 cents to take it)
Arrowhead Water 1.99 X 2 – 1.00 coupon from Catalina (ends-up paying for itself and a bit of change after catalina)
No Yolks Noodles 1.25 – .75 coupon (pretty-much free)
S&W Canned black beans 1.25 X 3 (.74)
Sobe Life Drink 1.00 – coupon for free sobe from catalina machine (free)
Electrosol/Finish Dishwashing tabs 3.99 X 2 – 1.00 coupon (got with new dishwasher) and 2.50 coupon from Sunday paper (1.37/free)
Yoplait Yo Plus Yougurt 2.50 – 1.50 IP coupons (basically free)
Hebrew National Hot Dogs 2.50 X 2 – 1.00 IP coupons (.48)
Total before savings: 50.64
Total after Card, and MFC savings (plus I used Trans. #1’s catalinas of $12.00): 3.87 (93% Savings)
plus, I got 12 dollars of Catalinas to use next time

So, in total I got 98.49 worth of groceries for 15.18 — 84% savings (plus I have 12.00 in catalinas to spend next time)
Safeway Savings: 57.98
Coupon Savings: 23.34

** Catalina = the coupons that spit out with your receipt at the register
** MFC = Manufacture’s coupon
** IP Coupon = Internet Printable coupon — google it, it will most likely come-up

It’s likely this is my last crazy trip before the baby’s born. It probably took me at LEAST an hour to figure out these scenarios — what we needed, what we didn’t. It’s time consuming, but I am on a bit of a high after it. :)

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