A Big Day in Little Town

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Big things happening today.

P is 4 weeks. No photo shoot as she’ll be one month on Friday we’ll save it til’ then. BIG NEWS, the cord came off. Goodness, I didn’t know they could LAST 4 weeks, I’ve lied to millions of moms. Well, maybe just hundreds, but I’m still exceedingly happy. She just had her first full bath. And we rejoiced.

S had Kindergarten orientation. It was a big night for him (esp. since preschool’s out and this was his last thing to look forward to). He ran off, I had to get him to come back and get his name tag. I got to listen to 1.5 hours of Kindergarten information. I thought my tailbone would dive itself into the cafeteria bench. I’m just too fragile for that kind of thing. We covered washing hands about 4 times, as well as “my child doesn’t eat cheese”, blah, blah, blah… As with having a baby, it’s so nice to send #2 to school knowing everything that’s going to happen. Well, as much as you can know. It’s nice. I forgot how much I love Kindergarten, and the rejoicing in the last yea of fun-ness. Excited for that already. Spencer asked if he was going to go to Kindergarten tomorrow on the way home. Sadly, no.

In other news P had her first trip to Costco. Shockingly, she didn’t scream for samples, ask for about 9 million things or complain. There really are a few perks to having a newborn.

Besides that their belly buttons fall off.

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    Yeah, enjoy that newborn while you can. It certainly doesn’t take very long until they are impossible to take to Costco. :)

    Yay for Kindergarten! I can’t believe Spencer is going though.

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