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The blog is so whiny lately. I can’t even take myself, so I can see why my comments are at an all-time low. Of course, a lot of my friends are also at the end of school which is a busy time… unless of course you’re a stay at home mom of a 1 month old, in which case you can spend plenty of time editing photo shoots, or trying to fix your son’s kick stand which mysteriously won’t lift. Yes, if you heard some curse words around our house this morning about 8, it was me trying to fix it and Conner screaming that he wasn’t going to be able to do wheel day. And yet, we still made it to school on time — and I didn’t forget the baby. Go me.

Anyway, I am still reading the news, but I haven’t had the will to comment.

Til’ yesterday. There was an article about how the federal government is looking at Massachusetts and Tennessee’s health care systems to see if they can model the federal one after either. Turns out, people are more willing to buy cell phone service than pay for health insurance, even if it’s quite affordable (along the same lines as a cell phone bill). And whamo, we hit the nail on the head. People think health care should be free. All of it, regardless of the type or the need. I agree, no one should die from an appendicitis because they are unable to pay… but guess what, I do think that bill should follow you around, be taken out of your paycheck, whatever, until it’s paid off. I also think people on medical (or medicaid as it’s called in many other states) should have a co-pay, and a BIG one for the ER. Like mine 50 bucks, and heavens knows you don’t see me heading to the ER often.

Anyway, here’s the question of the day. Do you think that people would pay a reasonable premium for health insurance? Do you think health care should be free? Do you think they’ll ever end-up with a federal plan? In truth, we already have one. Those of us who do have insurance ARE already paying for those who don’t. Our hospital is reimbursed such a ridiculous amount from Medical that it’s almost not even worth our time to bill them. I’m talking it barely pays for the supplies, not to mention personnel, etc. And the bigger question, if they do start a federal plan, is there any chance I get to move out of the Kaiser system. 😉

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  1. says

    I hate Medicaid, welfare, food stamps…. grrr. I’m sorry but it is NOT the governments obligation to make sure you have milk in your fridge. Get a job. Or get rid of your huge jumbo massive truck. Budget. Live on less.

    I live in a welfare ghetto. Everybody expects something for nothing. And they all sit on their lazy butts on their porch smoking and drinking as I drive my husband to work every morning.

    A couple of weeks ago I was at Walmart in line buying my $30 a can baby formula when the lady in front of me bought $800 in meat with food stamps. My blood was boiling. I work a job every day that I hate so that I can help provide for my family. And yet, you can get $800 in steak because you’re lazy.

    The welfare programs are bankrupting our country!!!

    Granted there are some people that really do need the help but they need to earn it. I think the government programs need to run more like the Church programs… you need to do your part and exhaust all your resources before you come ask for help. And we’ll help you but its not going to be a hand out… you need to do your bit!

    Sorry… I know I’m ranting and raving but I get so sick and tired of it!!!

    Everybody needs to pay something. There should be no free rides but yet somehow there are… and those of us that work hard are the ones that get hit get stuck picking up the bill.

    And yes, I’ll probably get flamed and I’m totally judging… but I don’t care… I go to work everyday and I pay for my health insurance and I pay for my $30 a can formula…

  2. says

    Yes, I think there will be a federal health care program. No, I don’t think it’s a good idea. There will be so much trickle-down that the entire economy will suffer. Then there’s no turn around.

    Socialism doesn’t work. Take a look at England. Those with jobs pay nearly 60% in taxes. 60%! That’s nuts. But if you don’t have a job, and if you never go to college (which is free!) the government will pay for your housing, your medical bills, and your food allowance. Nice idea, except for those who pay that 60% to fill their neighbors fridge.

    No one would want their local postal worker removing their appendix. If the government regulates doctors and doctors’ pay, that’s what we’ll get. Disgruntled, low-paid doctors. Mostly foreign because the people in the US who want to make money will know they can’t find it at the end of an MD.

    Thanks for opening this can! Now I’m all worked up :-)

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