Getting Back

Drew’s back to work.
Mom’s here, kids love her — even P.
And my to-do list is staring at me. Pretty much since my last bit of kidney stones I’ve been done with my life. Drew got to take a lot of things off my plate but I think it’s time for me to take them back — I’m pretty sure Drew’s ready.
Part of me wants to do it just to show myself that I can.
Of course my mom’s here… it’s not like I’m doing it ALL alone. She fed the baby this am. Still trying to figure out how I’m gonna get the kids up, fed, and out the door with the wee one. I can see how it’s gonna happen though — I think. ūüėČ
So, it’s off of the computer, and back to the grind.
Go me.
P.S. Great new coupons on — for kraft products. FYI. Like a dollar off BBQ sauce, that will totally be free at some point… at least I hope. ūüėČ

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