Me, Slowly Pulling My Hair Out

Well, I’ve officially reached ugly.

Baby cried much of the night, no apparent reasons. The nurses said to be careful with how much she was eating, because they thought she was eating too much in the hospital. I think we’ll still be careful during the day — but at night she can eat to her little heart’s content — at least tonight. Each day I come-up with a new theory. Tomorrow, perhaps it will be that I was impregnated by aliens who are coming to suck my mind which is now made of mush and will be able to be gulped down like a Jamba Juice at this point.

Kids are driving me insane. Too loud, too much noise between crying and kids throwing blocks at each other. Normal kid stuff, just me too ugly to tolerate it.

Still haven’t showered.

Still haven’t bathed the baby.

Pure, unadulterated bliss…

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