Must. Stop.

Can’t stop taking photos.

Now that she’s a week, I think I can go to every other day.

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 photo postfoote500copy_zps8188d13c.jpg

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    Just think how much you could be paying for a photographer like yourself to take these…you get to do it yourself for FREE!!! Snap away!

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    I haven’t commented in a while, but I had to say CONGRATULATIONS (I’ve been lurking all along) and I LOVE the second photo. She is BEAUTIFUL! (I’m sorry to use all caps so much, but she really is!)

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    Don’t stop the pics! “P” is absolutely gorgeous! I’m loving the photos. Congrats again Hilary, she is beautiful!

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    yea right!! never stop! sooooooooooo cute!!! she really is so so pretty! i wanna hold her. next week!!! awe you have a little baby girl!! oh goodness she is cute!