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So, it looks like prop 8 is upheld, prior marriages stand. Everyone wins, everyone loses… let’s call the whole thing off. :)

P’s bellybutton is only hanging by a thread. It’s big news, and it smells. Yuck.

Did anyone watch the Oprah last week where the families were going without technology? I thought that’d be a good idea to start during the summer — one day where we don’t watch TV, or use the computer. Thankfully we haven’t gotten into texting, or that would be one more thing to get rid of. I’m trying to ease myself into it. I’m calling it “tech free Tuesdays.” What, you might ask, am I doing on the computer this fine AM? I’m easing into it. I’m giving myself 20 minutes of computer and then off it goes. It is literally SO sad how much I have gotten done this AM. I have the kids lessons planned for the summer, I’ve pulled all the newborn diapers out of the diaper bags to finish-up using them. Disgusting, maybe this will be a good thing. I am still watching TV though, I don’t think I can eliminate that til’ I start getting more sleep.

So much for P’s good sleep habits. I mean, I got like 5 hours last night, but even though D fed in the middle I still wake-up and have hard time going back to sleep. Continuous sleep would be delicious at this point.

Mom’s gone, I got all the kids to school by myself and we are all still alive. Go me. Feeling fairly accomplished.

Little international potluck we’re going to tonight, I’m bringing jello salad. You know, really going to my roots.

We put some fine mesh around our cucmbers over the weekend, and this AM I found a bunch of snails out there. I sprinkled salt on them, and they had a horrible death. {sigh} I do believe mother nature is not so fond of me…

ETA: Seriously couldn’t go all day on 20 minutes. I gave in and gave myself another 20 this afternoon, and who knows — I might need another 20 this evening. I would call it a reward for living through the day, and now falling in a lump and drooling.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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