A Serious Issue

I’ve been trying to go to our School Site Council this year. I was sick for the first couple of meetings for the year, but I’ve been pretty consistent about going since then.

Today we realized we have a problem. And it’s a problem we can’t really find a solution to — so I was wondering what you do at your schools?

Our parents are crazy drivers. Now, for me the answer is to walk your kids to school — but that’s not an option for us (unless we want to leave here at 6:30). But, it’s really unsafe. Luckily, there’s a fair amount of parking around our school. However, parents are often dropping kids off in the middle of the streets, jay walking, driving through the school zone MUCH too fast, they’re going in the exit (we have a specific area roped-off that you can’t enter in — but they drive in the exit so they can still get there). Our Principal consistently writes in our newsletter about safety and how we’re an example to the kids, etc. We even have “traffic dads” who come out once a month to remind people — but they’re getting yelled at by other parents.

Anyway, do you have something that works at your school? I’d love to know if you do. I know some schools have PTA moms who help with the drop-off process and make it as quick and smooth as possible, but it seems like this is a waste of time — that parents should be able to police themselves a bit.

Really, some people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

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  1. says

    Wow. That is a problem. My kids walk now, but I did pick up Bria consistently last year when I didn’t want her walking alone and things ran smoothly. The only annoyance I had was people not pulling up once someone pulled out. But people were pretty courteous and there was no crazy driving, yelling or going in the exit happening.


  2. says

    At the school I taught at last year, we had a few things we did that helped. One, our janitor/does everything to help us stay sane lady would stand outside with a “please slow down” sign every day. She went out about 15 minutes before the bell rang for drop off and pick up. She’d wave hi to everyone and be nice about it, but she’d also go talk to people if they were speeding or driving where they weren’t supposed to. Second, one of us teachers was assigned to stand right at the main door for dropping off/picking up. We’d hold the door open for the kids, but also supervise and talk to parents that weren’t following the rules (and it was usually the same parents EVERY time). The PE teacher was also usually out there during pick up, as it could get quite chaotic out there. Don’t know if any of these suggestions would work for you guys, but they seemed to help us keep it under control.

  3. says

    I meant to say that the assignment for us teachers changed each week. One of us was also assigned to help out with bus loading/unloading.

  4. Janelle says

    I know we live in a small town and probably have the funds for it but we have the police there to ticket those who refuse to obey traffic laws and safety

  5. says

    I’d love to know if you find a way around it. You’ve picked up Ali and can see how crazy it is at our school. A few times there have been police officers there to ticket people who aren’t obeying the rules, but it’s usually the same people that are the problem.

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