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I love my own mom. She’s here. She’s fabulous. Can’t say enough good things about her, but today I am feeling especially tender towards the groups of moms I call my friends. I thought I’d come up with a few things that I appreciate about them:

1. I love how honest we all are. We aren’t keeping it all together, there are times we want to strangle our young. By knowing that all moms have these feelings makes us all feel better, and know that life goes on.
2. I love how they look like they’re keeping it together. Ok, serious confession here — there was a fair amount of my life that I could care less about how I looked — like, every single day I was fine with a t-shirt (even a crappy BYU band T), no make-up and glasses. Then, one day I started realizing my friends looked pretty dang good. That made me want look a little better, and then I felt a little better, and I realized that coming out of the house looking like you appreciate yourself actually does make yourself feel better. I became a happier me.
3. I love how my kids interact with their kids. I love that even though my C is much older than a lot of their kids he still counts them as his friends. It’s like cousins, because we do depend on each other so much.
4. I love how my kids interact with them. I know if my child was asked to pick a new mom they’d pick Miranda and Kim. They really would. I love that they love them that much. I just hope they wouldn’t pick them over me. I am aware it is a distinct possibility though.
5. I love hanging out with them. For all of the reasons above I have such a good time with my lady friends. I’ve taken a break from girls night, but I’m already trying to figure out when on the calendar we could fit it in before Summer hits. I love that they love girls night too. Anyone have a day that works? :)
Anyway, cheers to the moms out there. I hope you’re getting all that you deserve today (which is hopefully a big load a’ doin‘ nothing). And now, back to my regularly scheduled feeding.

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