6 Weeks Check-Up

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Had my 6 week check up scheduled today. It was super fun, although I think I’m at a point in my life where finding a parking space, hauling children around etc., is more painful than the actual pap smear. How sad is that? I think I get to make a trip to Mr Mammogram in a couple of years, perhaps that will be more painful than parking at Kaiser.

As I was there I kind of felt like I was on one of those reality shows where you’re booted off and you get to re-live your past (with Chris Dougherty singing “Home” in the background). ALL of those visits to my OB when we weren’t pregnant and thinking that it would never happen. The lab, where I got to do all those lovely glucose tests (word on the street, they were supposed to have me do a 2 hour glucose at 6 weeks PP… but apparently they forgot about me, what a shame — might do a fasting one, if I’m in the mood). The newborn club where I gave my failed attempt at breastfeeding. I even ran over to labor and delivery to drop off a thank you card for my good nurse. I’m just so glad not to be pregnant any more, I really am. I mean, I’m not particularly fond of where my life is right now, but I know this is “only for a moment” and it’ll be over soon.

At the check-up they make you fill-out a depression questionnaire. I don’t know a single person who’s just had a baby who wouldn’t show-up on that thing.

  • Do you sometimes cry?
  • Do you feel tired? (HELLO, why is that even on there?)
  • Do you get anxious for no reason?

The sad truth is I think almost all women get depressed after having a baby. It’s a combination of the no sleep, the lack of routine, very little contact with the outside world, etc. Anyway I think it’s smart for them to keep tabs on postpartum women, but it seemed a little overboard. I did get out a bit this weekend, and found me a couple of “projects” (aka, headbands) for me to work on. Go me.

Of course, they wanted to know what I wanted to do about birth control. About 95% of me wants to get someone’s tubes tied but I’ve never been a huge fan of the finality of that, especially since I’m only 33. Most of me has thought I’d just get an IUD, but after talking it over with my doctor I’m a little on the edge right now. She said that there’s often a lot of spotting for the first 6 months, and sometimes your period stops entirely. I am not sure. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s had one.

And so I am only disabled for 2 more days. I wish I could lay around the house and eat some bonbons.

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  1. says

    Those questionnaires always seem funny to me. The depression one as well as the abuse one in pediatrics. Now I know there is a reason they have them, it must help some of the time, but really if I were beating my child I don’t think I’d check the box at the clinic.

    As for the IUD, I told you what I thought. Still I might try again after this one. Worst case is that you try it out for a few months and give up on it. At least you would know.

  2. says

    Hillary… I’ve had an IUD for the last 10 years and I’ve had no problems whatsoever. I think maybe the first couple of months I spotted a little here and there, but nothing major or notable. Highly recommend it!

  3. says

    I had an IUD placed beginning of Feb. I am still randomly spotting. But I love not taking a pill and haven’t had any other problems. Period still comes monthly.

  4. says

    If your insurance covers it, get the Mirena IUD. I love it. Yeah, you sometimes don’t get a period, but for me that’s a good point since they’re so heavy anyway. I like the not having to think about it at all.

  5. says

    With the IUD I had spotting every single day for a month and a half, and then nothing- no period, nothing, for 7 months, then a light period last month. We’ll see what happens this month. But I had weird transitions onto the pill too, so I don’t know that my reaction was “normal”.
    But I LOVE not having to remember to take the pill every day. And seeing as we’re not planning on doing the whole pregnancy thing again any time soon, it works really well for us.

  6. says

    IUD rocks! I’ve had it for 3 years now. I have the copper one with no hormone because I usually hang on to weight with any sort of hormone in my body. It doesn’t get rid of your period like the Mirena, but it makes you totally regular. I don’t remember about spotting….I started my period almost immediately after getting it and have been regular ever since. I like consistency. You can still have pms with the Mirena (so I’ve heard) but just no period for lots of women. Copper IUD was the perfect choice for me since I couldn’t commit to being totally done. Oh, it wasn’t any worse than a pap smear to get put in.

  7. Janelle says

    I know two people, my sister and a close friend who both got pregnant using an IUD so it is not full proof.

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