Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Drew and I did a budget revision recently because our household budget was just ludicrous and we were over-spending because there was no way we could stay under what I had allotted.

So, for the past month we've been listing things that we "need" on the white board and today was the day to go make that purchase. We'd even prioritized them so if we were heading to the top of our budget we could get the things we most needed.

It was liberating to get to the end of our list and realize we still had money left over and we were able to get the kids a bouncy ball. Feel the joy. We also almost forgot P. You know, priorities {sigh}.

Anyway, I had a talk with Conner about budgeting on Sunday and then I had a similar talk with a co-worker yesterday. I think that most people feel like their budget is such a personal thing, when in reality it's something we should talk more about how we can better save, not spend and be happy.

Because as Kate told us on her show on Monday we're all just looking for peace. I am now going to write my letter to TLC to beg them to stop filming and terminate their contract. Really, if any contract should be null and void, it's that one. You can write an email too.


  1. That's a good approach to the budget. So many of our needs aren't that pressing anyway.

  2. Anonymous5:33 AM

    the only thing is,
    1)its popular so TLC isn't going to

    2)i like watching the kids, they should just have them, that would be good

  3. Weird how budgets really are so liberating. It's an amazing sense of peace to know where your money goes and feel in control of it instead of feeling controlled by bills and not ever really knowing if you can afford something.


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