How do you know that you KNOW

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2 boxes of baby boy clothes and a giant bag of them sit in my garage. They stare at me each time I get into my car. The idea was they’d go to a friend who’s having a little boy soon (2 girls, now a boy — she’s my opposite). Have I taken them? No. I just can’t bring myself to.

I mean, I’m just millimeters from “certain” that we are done. I’d put myself in the “pretty dang well-rootin‘-tootin‘ sure that we are done” category… but we all know how cheap I am and the thought of buying all new baby boy clothes would put me over the edge. Anyway, I talked to a friend and she said to just hold out a few of my favorites and send the rest. I can’t keep my garage hostage because I am millimeters from being sure. I did that this AM, and truth be told, most of them aren’t in that great of shape. I ended-up with a fairly large box for her, and the rest are going to DI because they are stained, etc. Plus, Conner is 8 years old. Let’s not pretend that baby clothes haven’t come a long way in those 8 years. I found about 5 outfits that I want to keep, and that makes me happy.

But, how do you “know”. I mean, I don’t think that now’s the time to make any decisions — that’s why our state makes you sign tubal ligation papers 6 weeks in advance of your delivery. I totally agree with that (plus, let me just say that tubal ligation is a permanent procedure, I’ve had so many friends say “you can just reverse it if you decide you want another one — but no, you can’t, I mean — people have, and it’s worked but you need to go into a procedure involving “snipping” thinking you are DONE — D-O-N-E- done — just my little soapbox of the entry). I am only 33 (I know, I look about 50 lately — it’s my lack of will to apply concealer under my eyes). However, I didn’t start having kids at 24 so that I could drag it out til’ I’m 40. I wanted to be a young mom and so far so good.

Anyway, I know some of you have decided for sure. Did you ever feel “sure” or you just kinda took that leap? I know people who “knew” they were done. But, I can’t even decide what to buy at Kid to Kid when I’m there… how can I decide this? Give me your secrets ladies.

BTW, went to Kid to Kid yesterday, just on my way to Ross. I needed something to hold a diaper, and wipes in the church bag… I was fumbling on Sunday while P screamed her head off… it’d be nice to just grab and go. Anyway, I thought I’d just make one from a placemat I’d buy at Ross but I found a JJ Cole diaper clutch at Kid to Kid for only $4.25 (retail’s 17 bucks on those, I think — and this one has a tiny crease that you can hardly see — otherwise looks brand new). Ross didn’t even have decent placemats to use, so I’m glad for Kid to kid. I also found some blessing shoes for my incredibly-small-footed-daughter. Soemtimes, don’t you feel like that’s one of the big blessings of tithing? Finding what you need, for a good price? Well, I felt that yesterday. :) BTW, if you mention you were referred by me, you get 3 dollars off your purchase. 😉 Really, once you go you won’t stop.

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  1. says

    I wanted to be done with Asher-really bad! I just knew there was one more and even before I got pregnant, I knew it was the last one. I’m so sure this time that I would feel just fine about sending Paul off to the urologist for an “in office” procedure. Before this child is even born. That sure!

  2. says

    I really wanted to be done after Sophia, but I know I’m not.

    People say they really know. If I ever feel that way I’ll let you know.

  3. says

    Wish we had kid to kid!

    I want to be done and don’t feel any desire to have another baby, but I can’t “do” anything about it either. I’ve heard people say they knew…..I’m still waiting….

  4. Our Family says

    We knew we were done. You just “know”. If you second guess yourself you probably aren’t. I told my OB that I was morally, spiritually, physically, & mentally done. He said OK after that. He wanted to make sure we really were done. I had the Essure procedure done. It’s been great so far.

  5. says

    This is exactly how I feel at the moment on all fronts. And I tell myself that if I get rid of the clothes and then have another I will have good karma and I will be given clothes. YET…I still haven’t done the dirty deed of getting rid of them. I need the “no clutter” part to take over the “cheap part”.

  6. Janelle says

    I know that we are not done, do not know when the next one will come, but I have gotten rid of all my girls stuff that cairo has grown out of (except I kept my favorites which were a lot enought to cut up and make three twin quilts out of) So that is how I got away with not really giving it away, although I have given a ton to friends along the way and still have two big tubs to giveaay (or sell on ebay) So save your favs and toss the rest, chances are if you are not done you will need all new stuff anyways, that is what I tell myslef.

  7. says

    hi hillary,
    just stumbled on this one so i know it’s really late and whatnot, but WE are done and I always wondered whether or not I would know.

    I think there’s a sometimes blurry line of misunderstanding, where on one hand we’re supposed to “multiply and replenish the earth” and the other hand, “i’m only human”. So how do you know you’re done?

    mostly i was telling Heavenly Father that I had a hard enough time with my two kids, but that I kind of would like a girl, but I didn’t want to keep having kids just to have a girl..that’s irresponsible for my sanity and for the poor kid.

    Anyways, I’m glad I got my girl because now I can say I’m done. Mentally I can’t handle any more, nor physically, it’s like ALL parts of my being are in agreement. (spiritually, emotionally, etc). Heavenly Father knows we have limits and doesn’t expect us to populate the world single handedly, so talk it out with him and he won’t love you any less because you are doing your part.

    If you want to be done, say “is this Ok with you father?” and you’ll either get a yay or nay right?

    I too had the essure procedure and I’m soooo happy with it. I was a tiny bit sad that I was really done, but most of all I was soooo excited and that helped me know I was doing the right thing for me and my family.

    “You’ll know.”

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