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I fear that the blog may be a bit lax this summer. Not only do I have nothing to say but the time to say it is very small…
For, you see… I am a working machine. On average, in the year prior to becoming disabled I probably worked two or three times a month. I am now working 3 or 4 times a WEEK. Serious. I haven’t worked this much since I started L&D 8 years ago. There are many benefits to this:

1. Sometimes I do think my skills get a little lax because I do work so little. This will definitely be a time to refine them. Sharp as a knife I will be.
2. Money. Duh. I don’t want to work much in the fall because P is still so little and I don’t want her being drug to school very often. I also hate my couch, and my kids want to go to Disneyland.
3. I remember that Drew also has a crappy gig going to work day in and day out. I will be ready to play mom once the summer comes to a close.

So, I am sure I will have a nice story to share (for instance, I heard we had a patient who thought she could choose “which hole” the baby was going to come out of — and no, I am totally not kidding) every now and then but don’t fear that I’ve slipped into a postpartum coma. It’s a work one instead. :)

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