Monday, June 22, 2009


Just saw that Jon and Kate are filing for divorce.
They disgust me.
How Kate can says she's doing this all for her kids is beyond me. Do people not realize that the BEST thing you can give your kids is a happy marriage?
I was hoping against hope that they'd go to counseling and get it together, but it seems like the show has driven a wedge between them.
I was thinking (as I was putting fertilizer on my lawn this AM) about how Kate was so pro-organic when the show first came out, and I was thinking about how people spend extra money to go organic, which is fine. But I wish people would realize that having a happy home is the THE most important thing.
Now little Aidan will be a drug dealer, and there's probably a likely chance the courts decide to split the kids up... I mean, really -- can 8 kids be raised by one person? Is it even safe?
Does anyone see a "Parent trap" sequel?
Nope, neither do I?
In Jon's defense I think that Kate is mean and harsh, and I do see a bit of myself in her and actually I think I've learned to be a better wife watching her pick him apart.
But, currently I hate both of them.
and now as I read all of this on the Internet about how their kids will be happier now that they're split (and possibly that's true because if they stayed in the zone of hating each other that isn't helpful), I think we need to focus that they are NOT in this for their kids. They're in it for themselves. period.
And TLC is in it for THEMselves, and I am going to write them a little note and say so.


  1. Furthermore, I read that they will continue to do the show while divorced. I don't know how THAT's going to work. But I guess they have a contract to fulfill.

    So sad. And I don't even watch the show.

  2. Didn't they make a contract with each other first? One that said something like "Till death do us part." I think I'd choose to honor that contract instead of the tv one. I watched the episode last night, hoping that the big Shocking announcement would be that they were quitting the show to put their family first. It seems like he'd be happy to go back to the way they were, and she would never be happy on his old salary again. A real shame, I won't watch anymore and I haven't let my kids watch since all the drama started.

  3. YOU GO GIRL!!! I hate the whole situation too! Get over yourselves, people, and think about your kids, in the long run!! I'm proud of you for being willing to write a letter to TLC. Makes me almost not want to watch WNTW anymore, either! Almost... :)


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