Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Day!

Drew's been counting down since before P was born... and the happy day has finally come. It's the last day of school! This means I'll have a husband home, and I get set to go off and conquer the world of nursing myself.

We've had such a great year. Although I haven't been quite as effusive about Conner's 3rd grade teacher (because I fear some of his other teachers have found it mildly creepy -- although they never comment, and I bet deep down inside they love it -- and frankly, they can just stop reading if they find it THAT creepy...), I have really enjoyed her. The past 3 years we've had young teachers who are so enthusiastic about teaching and they love their jobs. I love that they love it. I enjoy my job but my enthusiasm for it doesn't compare to theirs.

We always do an end of year present for C's teacher, but it just doesn't seem to hold a candle to all they've done through the year. Yes, I know it's their job and they do get paid but it's such a personal thing that they do, they're helping my child. A 25 dollar gift card just doesn't seem to do it... so to all you teachers out there, I hope you enjoy your summer!

On another note, next time I drop off at school I'll be taking 2. When did Spencer get that big?


  1. Hooray for summertime!

    Hooray for good teachers!

    Hooray for two kids in school!

    I was thinking how both B and C will be in school fulltime this school year, and S will be in preschool. Whoa. That's weird.

  2. Mikell2:14 PM

    I get out the 23rd, still a weeek or so :(

  3. We got out this past Wed. They caught me unprepared for Summer, so we're officially starting on Monday!

    I'm dropping 2 off next year, just can't be right.

  4. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Not creepy!



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