The Nordstrom’s Secret

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Shhh, I found out a secret at Nordstrom’s.

My friend and I were looking in the baby section and I was looking for newborn socks and found a few in the clearance bin. Then, I found one with frilly edges, but wasn’t labeled with a clearance price so I asked the salesman how much it was. He scans it and says, “a penny.” At this point I think he’s making fun of me. I mean, it is nordstroms and you can’t plan on anything being THAT great of a deal so I said, “what was that?” and he says, “it’s a penny.”

True enough, it was a penny. He said that sometimes things get left behind when they were supposed to go to the “rack” so instead of finding them and sending them to the rack they just make the a penny.

So, all night we were hoping things were a penny.

So far, I only found socks. Let me know if you ever find anything. 😉

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    I got Nike sweat pants and a sweatshirt for a penny each once. Actually my friend Susie worked there at the time and got them for me but still…they were a penny each. Awesomeness.

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