A Shopping frenzy

We still had a few bucks left in our clothing alotment for the month, so I took Conner to Kid to Kid to buy some shorts. I was worried we woudn’t find anything as he’s older and we all know older kids like to RUIN things (especially boys). He got 2 pair for around 6 bucks (sweet). I also found some swim shirts for the boys, some trumpette socks for Miss P (I was considering paying 30 bucks for these a few weeks ago — and now I got 2 sets for about 10 bucks), and a couple of other things.

Anyway, I’m surprised more of you haven’t gone. Or, maybe you have… Or, maybe I just don’t have any issues buying used because we did it a lot when Conner was little. Either way I will keep stepping in every time I go to Safeway (btw, they have a 20% off coupon on their June email if you sign-up online).

You can still save 3 bucks on your purchase if you give them my name.

Oh, and TLC wrote back. Just said they took my comments VERY seriously and they’d forward them on to program directing. Really, I hope TLC at least comes to their senses and realizes that this family needs to be done with the public eye.

I also went to the dentist today and I didn’t scream at all. Just in my head. :)

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    What are trumpette socks? Never heard of them.

    Kid to Kid rocks. But I don’t have one. Nor will I in Michigan. :(

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    I am so amazed and proud of you girls and how you manage your money and get more bang for your buck! Also, thanks for commenting, always love your funny insights Hilary!

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    Trumpette socks are so adorable! Great find! I would totally be at Kid to Kid if we had one here. And I’d mention your name! :)