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Hopping on quick before my time is out.

I am obsessed with headbands lately.

It is fairly dumb, but do you make them and do you make your own bows?

I love this little girl with a headband on, but so far the ones I’ve made (out of an old egg of knee highs) aren’t doing it for me.


Really, I’m leaving.

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  1. says

    I can honestly say that my girls have worn three headbands in their entire lives. And two were ones we bought in Brazil. The other is one that matched an infant outfit and has somehow hung around until now. The girls fight over it. Sorry, I’m no help.

  2. says

    I like headbands…not the huge ones though that take up the baby’s whole head. Sometimes they’re nice though when they’re really little…makes them look more like a girl…
    My brother didn’t like them on his girls…I forget why.

  3. Jessie Moore says

    See and I totally love the head bands with the cute big flower. I think there is obviously a point of where to stop. Hil, Mom used to make me all of my bows and I still have all of them! :) I will totally buy you a head band here if you want and send it with that package we are getting ready.

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