Friday, June 05, 2009

Thankful Prayers

I have been reading my first blog book, and I must admit the few entries are pretty tedious to wade through, but mid 2005 I think I came into my own. I'm fairly funny. No wonder people love me. ;)

Anyway, the world is bothering me lately. I can find SO many things that are driving me crazy about each and every member of our family, my job, my house, all of my "blessings." I also have been having REALLY bad prayers at night because I'm so tired and I can't concentrate and sadly, I can rarely really find anything I'm thankful for by that time of the day. So I constituted thankful prayers. Not just things that I'm thankful for -- but specifics. I am thankful for Drew because of how much he adores P, and sometimes watching him love her reminds me I love her that much too. I'm thankful for Conner because in all relative terms he's quite responsible. I am thankful for Spencer because he loves life. He's always so happy. I am thankful for P because she is starting to smile, and once she does the whole world lights up like a 9 million watt bulb.

So often, my prayers go "I'm thankful for our family, and for our jobs and for our home..." but working to find the specifics -- why today I really was thankful for those things has helped me out a lot. And I always get into bed feeling much happier than when I started the prayer.


  1. That is so true huh? Ha ha and Hil you are way funny! :) That is why we miss you around so much! Thanks for reminding me to be more specific and thankful in my prayers. I tried to do that so much on my mission was to always say just a gratitude prayer where I ask for nothing I just start thanking him for specific things. It is amazing when you do that it seems like you can just go on and on.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog, I get your sense of humor and I enjoy your perspective. Don't stop!


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