Monday, June 22, 2009

A Word of Wisdom

Many of you know that LDS people don't drink alcohol, tea or coffee and we don't smoke (or do illicit drugs). But Why?

Yesterday we had a lesson on the word of wisdom and it got me thinking.

Personally, I think the word of wisdom is a reminder to not do things that are addicting, or harmful to our bodies and to try and only put things into our bodies that are good for us. Heavens knows I don't always do this (I think I had pie for breakfast a couple of times last week), but I think it's great council for everyone.

But, then we were at friends house last night and they reminded me that we all have "addictions" in our lives, and most of it doesn't have to do with food/beverage. I was thinking I'd list my "addictions"
1. Blogging, and computers in general
2. Email (honestly, it needs its own line -- my email is always up).
3. Food storage (Drew found-out that I have possibly near 400 little tablets of dishwasher soap -- 200 of which were bought last week, and let's not even go into how many bottles of water we have)
4. Food (I've been on a sweets craze since the baby)
5. DVR
I think that's all I can think of right now. But, I've been challenging myself to give up the computer a bit every week -- just to remind myself that it is/can become an addiction, and it's something I can let go of. My obsession with bargain shopping has taken a backseat since I had P. I am also working on eating consciously this week. It's time to get slim, dang it!

Anyway, it's a good thing to look at your life and see what you're "addicted" to and how it's affecting you, and try to resist them in general. It's a word to all the wise.


  1. Amen! these darn bodies of ours...always succumbing to addiction of one sort or another.

  2. Do you have a cable DVR or Tivo or what?

  3. While I would agree that these things are addictions and can cause many problems in families.....alcohol and drugs remain the biggest threat to society, however.


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