Monday, June 15, 2009

Work that Out

Today was my first workout in just about 7 weeks.

It wasn't pretty, and I did the Lindsay Brinn Mommy bootcamp, and when I heard her voice I almost cried. I was SO tired of the 3rd trimester DVD by the end.

My plan is to do 1 day each of yoga, Lindsay Brinn/Jillienne's "Shred" and the Firm.

I hope I don't die.

Lindsay's big on the core. I thought I was going to split in two when I was doing it. I'm pretty sure I'm a lot skinnier already.

Maybe just thinking about it my tummy is getting smaller...


  1. When is the world going to make a workout pill?

  2. Core stuff seems so impossible right after you've had a baby. Good luck. :)

  3. If thinking about it was all you had to do I'm pretty sure most women wouldn't have any tummy left...

  4. Way to go!! The pain is good. (Riiiiiiiight...) :)

  5. Good job Hillary! I didn't do anything after Daniel for 3 months. By then I was dying and so sick of being out of shape and sore. You rock!


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