Saturday, July 18, 2009


Last night I came home from work. I worked 3-11pm -- honestly, how did I ever work that shift? It's like the antithesis of all I am.... up so late. Anyway, it's what I'll be working come the fall so I'd better grow some big girl panties. Of course, it's 6:30 and I'm awake even without help from P.... Stupid internal clock.
I usually check email just to help me unwind after work (and because I am addicted to it).
There was one from someone at church asking for money for what he thought was a worthy cause.
I was bugged.
Could've been that it was 12 am... but does anyone ever read that ward directories are ONLY for church use, and that includes the email addresses.
And nights are for sleeping. Seriously.


  1. I don't know most of my friends are from church so if they asked me to donate to something I would think they were just approaching a friend about a good cause. Of course if I hardly know the person then I would be a little bugged.

  2. Hmm, yea, annoying....especially, like your friend above said, if I hardly knew the person. As a friend in the ward getting an email requesting help I wouldn't probably think much about it.


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