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While I still have plenty of diapers from the Walgreens deal I did a long time ago, there’s a new deal at Rite Aid that I couldn’t pass-up. PLUS, I have a ton of huggies coupons burning a hole in my coupon binder that I needed to use.
Anywho, I found this site explains it pretty well:
Basically, you do 2 transactions
#1 — 3 jumbo huggies packs minus a 5 off 25 dollar Rite Aid Coupon (also minus any MFC’s you have) (total was around 26 bucks)
#2 — 2 jumbo huggies packs, plus some filler to reach 25 (I bought a thing of wipes to go in the diaper bag that they were clearancing) minus a 5 off 25 RA coupon (total was around 20 bucks)
THEN, submit for the rite aid rebates, there are a couple that apply:
buy 50 bucks worth of Kimberly Clark items, get a 25$ rite aid gift card
buy 5 jumbo huggies packages, get a free package
SO… it’ll be around 20 bucks for 6 jumbos of huggies, that makes them about 3.33 each. That makes the diapers 10 cents or less each. Target price on 1’s is 14 cents (that’s the Costco price).
Saweet. Oh, and I can submit the receipts for 75 cents back for each package at Caregivers Marketplace… making them 2.89 per package. 😀

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  1. says

    How in the world do you do this Hilary. I’ve never seen anyone shop like you and I’m so jealous. I wish you lived near so you could school me on the finer ways of shopping.

  2. says

    Wow…you are intense. Did you ever think you would be coupon cutting-clearance shopping-sale spotting-deal bargaining master mom?

    yay diapers…I so look forward to this.

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