Monday, July 13, 2009

Diaper Deal

While I still have plenty of diapers from the Walgreens deal I did a long time ago, there's a new deal at Rite Aid that I couldn't pass-up. PLUS, I have a ton of huggies coupons burning a hole in my coupon binder that I needed to use.
Anywho, I found this site explains it pretty well:
Basically, you do 2 transactions
#1 -- 3 jumbo huggies packs minus a 5 off 25 dollar Rite Aid Coupon (also minus any MFC's you have) (total was around 26 bucks)
#2 -- 2 jumbo huggies packs, plus some filler to reach 25 (I bought a thing of wipes to go in the diaper bag that they were clearancing) minus a 5 off 25 RA coupon (total was around 20 bucks)
THEN, submit for the rite aid rebates, there are a couple that apply:
buy 50 bucks worth of Kimberly Clark items, get a 25$ rite aid gift card
buy 5 jumbo huggies packages, get a free package
SO... it'll be around 20 bucks for 6 jumbos of huggies, that makes them about 3.33 each. That makes the diapers 10 cents or less each. Target price on 1's is 14 cents (that's the Costco price).
Sa-weet. Oh, and I can submit the receipts for 75 cents back for each package at Caregivers Marketplace... making them 2.89 per package. :D


  1. How in the world do you do this Hilary. I've never seen anyone shop like you and I'm so jealous. I wish you lived near so you could school me on the finer ways of shopping.

  2. are intense. Did you ever think you would be coupon cutting-clearance shopping-sale spotting-deal bargaining master mom?

    yay diapers...I so look forward to this.


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