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Paige still seems to feel the need for the binky once during the night, and I am no longer cool with that. So, it’s time to cry it out around here. Last night it was about 25 minutes. Of course, I couldn’t get back to sleep and that brings me to my next paragraph…

As I laid in bed wishing I was asleep and just not getting there, after an hour my thoughts turned to working out. I’ve pretty-well stopped since I’m working so much, dealing with 3 kids and still trying to be an uber-fun mom on my days off (we’re trying to do weekly day trips on my day off, but honestly I just want to sit around or clean)… but lately I’ve been tight and I’m noticing that it’s taking an affect on me, but I laid in my bed just thinking about how much I don’t want to do the Jillian workout and how hard it is, and it makes my belly bounce…. {sigh} Sometimes you just think you have to do the FULL thing. For the longest time, as a mom, I felt extreme guilt because I just couldn’t make it through 30 minutes of scripture study each day. Finally I came to the conclusion that the guilt and just not doing it because I couldn’t do it for 30 minutes weren’t working — so now I do 10. For now it will have to be the same thing for workouts. It’s great that I’m doing them — I don’t have to want to die when it’s done — after all I always have a full day ahead of me. So, today I did an easier post-natal workout. My heart rate still rose, I only did it for 20 minutes for then I had a little mouth to feed (a little mouth who is slowly growing out of all her 0-3 month clothes… who let this little girl grow I ask you?)
Anyway, I was just thinking how many of us get in the mind frame that we have to do it ALL when in actuality we just have to take a tiny piece and hope that somewhere down the line perhaps we can take more.

Thanks for all the mixer love, I am very excited for it to come. I wish super saver shipping was faster.

Oh yeah, and guess who’s found her thumb? I will give you a hint, it’s not me and she lives at this house.

On other little random tidbit — I just bought some glasses online. 39 dollar glasses has a special where you can get 20 bucks off each pair — so Drew and I were each able to get a pair for 38.00 total. My prescription is just at the cut-off where you need the thinner lenses, so since I was getting a larger plastic frame I thought I’d just go cheap. Either way it might be kind of fun to have another pair. I follow the blog http://www.glassyeyes.com/ because I think that online opticals are the way to go (although I did just go to the eye doctor a week ago and bought some there through my insurance, they were about 50 dollars and had the thinner lenses). I will try and do a post on how it all works out.

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    Thanks for the reminder about giving ourselves a break and being happy about what we ARE accomplishing instead of focusing on what we’re no getting done. I’m proud of you for having such clarity of thought when you are sleep deprived and working so much….you’re really doing it all from an outsider perspective.

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    You are so right! I found an article in Cookie magazine that lists five workouts. It’s called ‘no excuses’ because the first workout only takes 5 minutes! You tailor it to how much time you have,
    the second takes 15 minutes, and so on.

    I’ve been soooo lazy Hilary. I’m mortified. I’m trying to give myself a kick in the tush, and I think that reminding myself that even five minutes of working out, cleaning, etc., makes a difference!

    Thanks! (BTW, what I have been doing is obsessing over realtor dot.com). We are looking for a good family friendly neighborhood in not-an-outrageous price range. Would you mind emailing me where you guys are? And any thoughts/info you have on neighborhoods! :)

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    I agree – give her the pacifier!! I have a 5 (almost 6) year old and a 4 (almost 5) year old who are both STILL sucking!! and I can’t get them to quit. It is SUPER annoying and probably damaging the permanent teeth of the older one. Boy is that one thing I would change if I could go back and change something!

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