Here she is!

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Well, first off here’s P. I’ve found her the past 3 Am’s just suckin’ away when I get in there. It’s funny, she doesn’t find it at other times, only in the morning (possibly during the night, but I’m not gonna wake-up to find-out). Her jammies get all wet from her goin’ to town on it. Oh well, at least she’s happy and I rarely hear peeps from her during the night any more {crossing fingers}. She’s so alert and awake anymore, I can’t get enough of her. We’ve slowly made the transition to eating every 4 hours, with the last one around 8 pm. My little girl’s growing up.

Here’s the new lady of the house. I’m pretty sure it’s a female because she just works so hard. I made bananna bread with her yesterday and while she is a bit louder than my last mixer she is a WORKHORSE, I’m excited to try bread sometime soon. This bowl will easily accomodate a few loaves. Horray. Oh, for those of you wondering, it’s a 6 qt mixer, I got it for 309 on Amazon and there’s a 40 dollar mail-in rebate going for the next couple of months. I’ve seen it cheaper one other time, but we didn’t have the funds then, so I waited a bit. The one VERY annoying thing is that the tools can’t be washed in the dishwaser, so I’ll be finding a new beater and a new dough hook (word on the street, this one doesn’t allow climbing). Has anyone ever tried the sideswipe or the beater blade? I’m thinking about getting one of those, instead of just the regular beater. Thoughts?

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  1. says

    I have the same one! And I’m pretty sure I’ve washed my tools and bowl in the dishwasher (well, I usually don’t, but I think the Mister has slipped them in there a time or two) – and they are fine. But let me know what new tools you find for it..

    Love the thumb sucking by Miss P – wish my kids would do that!

  2. says

    Gorgeous….both ladies!

    I don’t wash my attachments in teh dishwasher cause they said not to, so I just soak them right away to make cleaning easier. it hasn’t bugged me at all.

    happy break making!

  3. Burns Family says

    I’ve never had one that found their thumb…I have always thought it would be cute!! She definitely is. I started out not putting my tools in the dishwasher, but then got lazy…I don’t always either, but am intrigued at other tool options.

  4. says

    Thumb sucking is cute…it was for my baby. And now that she is 3 ad sucks it through the night, I need to figure out how to get her to stop:)

  5. says

    Wow, the mixer is pretty! I’ve got that shield on my wish list. Your bowl is updated from mine, looks like a nicer handle. I’ve had mine for a few years now. We need to get together. I’ve been a hermit for a while now. Call me!

  6. says

    You will have that baby forever! I got mine for a wedding gift 33 yrs ago. I wish it would die already so I can get a new one-but why replace when it’s still perfect!

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