Hilary’s TV viewing on a Monday Night

Watched some TV tonight, I haven’t been watching much TV at all — which has been kinda weird after the giant amounts of TV I was watching with P for so long.

Watched a 30 days where a pro-choice person goes to live with pro life people. I realized that I identify with neither of them. I never would protest a clinic, I think the pictures they often use are awful. I do believe abortion should be illegal but to yell at those people is horrifying to me. I don’t think a woman should be able to choose though (except the choice to keep her legs closed). I wish people would grow brains and keep their legs closed. By the way, after 28 weeks there’s NO reason for an abortion. Just get the baby out and hope for the best, but if the mom’s life is in jeopardy you can just deliver. Third term aboritons are un-necessary, except for women who “forgot about their appointment”.

Also watched some So You Think You Can Dance… that piece with the “Artwork” was weird.

Caught a snippet of that old Michael Jackson interview. The guy was a weirdo. I’m glad he’s released from this earth though. He’s just a normal guy in heaven. :)

Sarah Palin is also a weirdo. I would put her on the same lines as MJ at this point. Billy Jean is not my lover, by the way.

Sometimes you realize what a window on life TV is. And sometimes you realize just how tired you are….

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