Monday, July 20, 2009

I Know These Truths

to be self-evident.
1. 16 year olds shouldn't have babies.
2. Their moms shoudln't encourage it, or talk about their "next one".
3. I am very excited for my nickle pearl mixer to come -- ordered it this fine AM.
And that is all.


  1. Mikell8:07 PM

    enjoy your new mixer!!!

  2. Ewieeee that mixer is pretty I think you should give her a name!

  3. You are a wise, wise woman.

    And this is the first I've been online today...and it's actually tomorrow. Sigh.

  4. That's just like the one I have :)

  5. Oooooh, you will LOVE it! Congratulations!

  6. My truths:
    1. I want to see your pictures from Sunday
    2. I love that they have 2 kinds of black and 2 kinds of gray and 2 kinds of white...
    3. I am SO glad I didn't have a baby when I was 16...well and that I don't have one now

  7. Ooh, me likey the Nickle Pearl. That looks cool.

    One recommendation, buy the covered white paddle and bread hook. The standard ones that come with it are great, but not washable in the dishwasher. You can go to Sur La Table on Santana Row to get the white ones. Worth every penny. My husband accidentally put my other ones through the dishwasher when he cleaned up and they were unusable after that. I have the 6 quart mixer, it's great. You'll be the baking queen!

  8. All I have to say is YIKES about 16 year olds having babies and their mothers encouraging them...

    You will LOVE your mixer! I have that one and love it. I even like to look at it, I think it's cute! Enjoy!


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