Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let's pretend

You're getting a new kitchenaid mixer. Perhaps even a very fancy 6 qt. one?
What color would you get (let's imagine your current kitchen has no particular color scheme other than faux wood countertops -- classy, I know)?
I'm all about class.
ETA: My "future" color scheme is one that doesn't involve faux wood countertops. However, we do like darker cabinets (but that might not be so smart in our teeny-tiny little kitchen).


  1. I got the forest green one. And I love it! My friend, on the other hand, got the purple one and then special ordered a sink to match.

  2. I have a white one, but if I had my d'ruthers I'd have a red one because my kitchen is yellow and red. Any KA mixer is great, though, no matter the color. Mine is the best Christmas gift I've EVER gotten!

  3. I think red is cute. I love red accents in kitchens! I would think about, what color scheme would you eventually like for the kitchen?

  4. I have white one ...but also wish I had red because I have red in my kitchen...but maybe red will be the 'seventies orange' someday, and then I'll like that I just have a white one that shouldn't go out of style, ever...but kinda boring, you know? What if you branched out to black or daring, I know.

  5. Mine is black and I like it, but I wish it were red. It was a gift, so I really didn't get to choose.

    My friend has one that's bright orange and I think it's awesome.

  6. Red is my favorite color but I always go practical so I would go white or off white.

  7. practical shamatical.

    go with a color you love.

    I love bosch is red. I LOVE it. It matches my I have it on the counter...if it didn't ... I'd put it away.

    I also REALLY love that robin's egg blue one. ohh.. yum.

  8. Mine is stainless steel color. What do you call it? Silver? Chrome? Anyway, I love it. Very industrial-looking and would fit into any color scheme. :) Lucky you!!

  9. Knowing you the way I do, I would be surprised if you went to trendy with the Orange or Yellow options, but I think those are great. As an appliance that has to stay on the counter top (at least mine does) it's nice to add a pop of color to the room. I got a white one a few years ago, and when the motor had to be replaced, asked to switch to a black one. The white one showed every splatter and I missed, the black is really nice. If I got to pick a new color today, I think I'd do red or yellow.

  10. Since it stays on the counter, I went with the stainless, chrome one. I wanted the black one to match my fridge, dishwasher and oven, but couldn't ever find one while the costco deals were going. I love the silver and think it would go with any decor....especially if you ever upgraded to stainless appliances. However, if my kitchen had any red in it, I'd go red....LOVE red! :)

  11. Mine is lime green...LOVE IT..

  12. Mine is black, which I think is great because it can go in any kitchen and doesn't stand out. White, black, silver are all timeless.


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