Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Magic Bandaid

So funny the mixed reviews on P sleeping through the night. Truth be told, I'm thrilled. Last night was the first night, I think, without a single peep and she slept past 7 am. Of course, I didn't set an alarm because up until today we've had our little P alarm that gets-up before 7 every day... so we were a little behind on our trip to the Academy of Science today. More about that later.
I'm fine with her sucking her thumb. Spencer did it well into his 3's and I finally stopped him cold with the "magic bandaid". We'll see if this continues to be a long-term thing, but for now I'm a fan...
I may regret that statement at a later date.


  1. Mikell11:24 AM

    thats a good idea!!!

  2. Personally, I always wished my kids would suck their thumbs...none ever did. So much easier than havng to keep track of binkies.


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