Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Mormon Woman

During my lesson on Sunday we kind of got onto the tangent of the Mormon woman and how we feel pressured to live-up to a certain standard.

I really don't feel that pressure here. And perhaps this is why:

1. It's a Utah thing. I think because you all live in the same neighborhood and your kids go to the same school you hear a lot more about what everyone else is doing, etc. I had SO many people say, "oh, you work." while I was there. I worked EIGHT hours a week people, and it was doing HOSPICE. Can you get much more Christlike than that?

2. I work with a bunch of woman who work full time, and hence the idea that you could be the BEST MOM EVER is set aside, for the best mom certainly can't work. We're over that (plus, we have a lot of contenders for the worst mom ever at the hospital, so that always makes us feel better knowing we're not at the bottom of the pile). Perhaps, also, the fact that I have a lot of friends who aren't LDS I don't feel it. Maybe I'm missing out.

3. Maybe the church is letting go of it in general. No longer do we have "homemaking" we have "enrichment" and it's not about keeping your sink clean, it's about enjoying life and having some sanity. Some, being the important word.

Sidenote: Some Mormon women feel that their lives need to live up to a certain standard. Since a lot of us come from pioneer heritage sometimes that standard includes grinding wheat to make bread, being the PTA president, quilting any excess fabric we have, perfect children, a perfect home (sans holy couch)... it's enough to make a woman take prozac.


  1. I really think it's women in general, and not just Mormon women that have this issue. Maybe it's different things, but mostly we females feel the need to live up to some invisible standard.

  2. I agree with you entirely.


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