Friday, July 10, 2009

My Love/Hat Relationship with the Binky

I love that all my kids have loved the binky (Spencer soon loved his thumb more than the binky, but it was nice while it lasted). P loves it too, but now I fear she loves it so much she's waking up in the middle of the night to caress it gently with her tongue, only to find it MIA, hence she calling for assistance. Frankly, during the middle of the night I give it to her.

However, during the day we're doin' some sleep training with our little friend, no binky to get to sleep, it's my new motto, at least for today. Have you guys had similar issues with your kids, and how do you deal with it?

And guess who's off -- well, at least til' the afternoon. Might get some grocery shopping done.


  1. Dallin loved it, the other two weren't interested. We let Dallin have it whenever, which was very likely a bad mistake, but when he was about 2 1/2 we "lost it"....then he actually found it so we had to lose it again! Hard times, but worth it, I think, to have kept him happy. Except that nighttime dependence is tricky! Good luck!

  2. Bria was addicted to the binky. Had to finally take it away just after she turned 2. I swore I'd never be on of those binky parents, but I was.

    Chloe never took one. It was horrible.

    I wanted Sophia to take one, so she did for about 6 months, and then she weaned herself off.

    Every kid is different, I just think B needed more of that kind of comfort than the other two did.

  3. Emily was pretty dependent on her binky too. I found that for night time, the best thing was to take it out of her mouth when she was sleeping soundly enough, and somehow she wouldn't wake up trying to find it later. If I let her have it until it fell out, then she'd get upset when she couldn't get it back in. I think that because when it falls out it's still pretty near their face, they can feel it, and then they get mad that they can't put it back in their mouth. Still, I'd rather all that than no binky at all!

  4. All 3 of my kids were binky babies...ah, the joy of finding that darn binky in the middle of night. I have 'back-ups' in my purse, diaper bag, car, etc...So, basically it is running my life. But, I still prefer it for my newborns...there are times when I just need him to be quiet and not much else will work in a pinch. I think I am going to try the day-time nap as no binky time...good idea. At about a year both of my kids were playing with the darn thing more than using it to soothe ... so it was 3 nights of crying, and then no worries after that. In my mind though, 18mo was the absolute way my kid was going to nursery with a binky and I think the battle to take it away just grows after they turn one.


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