Wednesday, July 29, 2009

P at 3 months.

P turned 3 months today, and I woke-up to thoughts of what I should have her wear. I love these little jumpers, we have a couple of them and they look dressy and comfy at the same time. Plus, she can pull her dress over her head, and what could be more fun than that? Below is her "month" pictures -- you don't see much difference month to month, but from the beginning until now it's a change, and by month 12, I figure she'll be throwing the duck at me. All part of the fun, my friends.

At 3 months she's pretty well sleeping from about 8:30 pm til' 7:30 am, and is in her crib (just about ready to give the basinette back -- which is good because she's almost out-grown it). She eats 4 times a day, about 4-6 oz/feeding. She loves to be under her baby gym, her bouncer, the swing -- anywhere she gets a bit of action. She still loves to be swaddled for naps and loves her daddy best. She's a gem, and I think I'm finally to the point I'm aware I have 3 kids. Seems like a takes a while to realize this is a new reality. kwim?


  1. She's so pretty! Love the big smile in the first one. I may be calling you today. I was in L & D from 2 am to 6:30 when they sent me home to wait for something more painful. This is getting old! 5 minutes apart, 60-90 seconds, and apparently it's not making any noticeable difference. Good stuff!

  2. I like the monthly picture with the duck...she really doesn't look like she's changed much, though I'm sure she has.

  3. miranda3:59 PM

    aw Hil, what a cute little bug...

  4. I just want to squish her little cheeks! She's really adorable. I like the'll be fun to see where it ends up as she gets more aware of it! Good idea!

  5. That first picture of her is just lovely, she's beautiful! How wonderful that she is sleeping through the night.


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