Quality Time, not Quality Cake

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Some of my LONG time blog readers might remember this post about Conner’s cake one year. I’d stress so much over his cakes because they were NOT turning out and I figured I’d had a lot of nice YW leaders teach me how to frost, not to mention working in a bakery during college… I really thought I should have it more together.

And then I read my mom’s comment — that it’s about the birthday, the boy, and not the cake. And now we have a new tradition. We make the cake together.

It starts with taking the child to get some candy (they have a 3 dollar limit — but honestly, 3 bucks can buy a LOT of candy — and yes, this is an excruciatingly long experience for the parent). They can pretty well pick out anything they want. Then, we picked out a recipe this AM together (My mom used to bake mine from scratch, so I thought I’d try it today), and made it all together. I even took a picture in my jammies making it with him. Later we’ll make frosting together and decorate it with his candy. The child gets to do all the licking and Conner did most of the making this AM (except anything with the boiling water, he’s “not a big fan of heat”). I’ll let you know how it turns out, but I’m trying to remain calm and remember it’s the CHILD’s birthday, not a day about cake. :)

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    That is such a great idea, Hilary! I may have to copy you there. After all, it’s not about eating a cake, but rather making some memories..

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    This is such a wonderful idea. And totally solves the problem of the imperfect cake. I don’t know if I should try it with Sophie next week, but I will definitely do it with Bria in October.

    And happy birthday to Conner! I am in serious shock that he’s 9. Weirdola.

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