A Week in Pictures

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Last Sunday, Conner turned 9. Here you can see his delicious-looking cake {deisnged by Conner} and some of his presents. I must admit the biggest hit was the little “grow in water” capsules got for him by the Magallanes family. Kept the kids busy for hours (horray!). I need to do a photo shoot with Mr. Nine, but his hair is too long right now. I can’t remember him at nine as a little homeless child…

Yesterday was spent putting up our new Ikea furniture. Drew and I have been loving this kind for quite a long time, and Ikea just so happened to have it all 50% off yesterday. Drew hauled himself out of bed bright and early to go stand in line (which was, apparently fairly non-existant, but at least we got it) and get the items you see here. Sum total for all 4 pieces and a basket for the shelves, and a CD binder was just over 500 dollars, so we were pretty happy about that, considering just last week we thought we’d be spending 1k on it. Of course, our TV looks kind of sad (although not as sad as I thought it would look) and let’s not even go over the couch, but it is all starting to come together. Our friend Roddy came over and helped build the pieces in record time. It took almost as long to find studs to anchor it all on. :)
Ok, how do I make that picture bigger? You can obviously click on it but I hoped to make it better without clicking on it. When I expand it within the post it just gets fuzzy… dang blogger.

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    I love all the furniture. It looks awesome! And now you have an “extra” 500 dollars for a new couch, right?

    I’m still not going to have an IKEA anywhere close. SIGH>

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