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With the funk and working so much has come eating to just get through the day. Eating to stay awake, eating to find some pleasure — but it’s showing when I look at the scales. I am now 10 pounds over where I was about 2 weeks after I had Paige. {sigh}
Now that work is almost done it’s time to get back to eating consciously. My own steps for that:
1. Eat when I’m hungry (the key is to not get STARVINGLY hungry, because then you reflexively over-eat).
2. Enjoy what I’m eating. So often as a mom I’m plowing through food just to get something in my body I don’t really enjoy it. Not cool.
3. Stop when you’re full. While I still have yet to really figure out the “full” point, while enjoying my food I ask myself if I’m still hungry, really hungry — not just wanting to eat.
4. Not be afraid to box-up leftovers or throw food away. It’s a big issue with me and my money-saving habits but I have to remind myself that I am not a human waste can. The food does no better in me than it’d do in the garbage or the compost bin (really wanting to buy a compost bin — but that’s another story for another day).
5. Also, I saw somewhere that 1/2 of your plate should be fruits or veggies. I like that idea, and it’s an easy way to visualize it. I think I’m gonna try to gear our meals this way, when possible.

I’m trying to do 20 minute’ish workouts. We can’t pretend that my life is particularly sedentary and I find that when I’m doing the really long and hard workouts in the AM that I am really tired come the afternoon, I am also trying to be realistic in the fact that I have 3 kids to get up, ready and going to school in about 2 weeks. Lindsay Brin has just come-out with some new workout tapes for moms. They’re all under 30 minutes, with several options on them, and they’re 50% off this month. I got a few of them for some variations. I also really like her core methods — I am really starting to figure out what she’s talking about when she says pelvic floor. One of them says it’s a “tummy tuck without the surgery” — I’ll let you know how that claim works out. :)

Go Me.

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  1. Sharon says

    I like that saying from Michael Pollan… “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Not that we really do that here, but it’s something I keep in mind, and especially now that it’s summer and so much locally available produce is so good, we are eating more veggies than anything else. I use meat and cheese as sparingly as possible to accent the veggies. Also herbs!

  2. says

    Eating sparingly is so hard. I need to learn when I’m hungry and when I’m bored and definately when I’m full. I have “clean-plate” syndrome. I need to take smaller portions.

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