Friday, August 28, 2009

He Watches Us

After my perfect world blog entry I thought I'd just share experience I just had:

I've been missing my earbud all morning (hands free cellular here in CA), which is not an uncommon occurance (just ask Drew). I was throwing in laundry when I heard one of my pants jingle. Oh, some loose change -- but then I realized I threw my earbud in my pants yesterday while at the grocery store. I quickly fished them out (before they got wet, thank goodness) and found the missing earbud. If I hadn't heard the jingle I never would've thought to check the other pants -- and I'm fairly sure it wouldn't have made it through a load of laundry.

Just a reminder that God loves me, he's watching me and everything will turn out fine if I listen and do what I'm told.



  1. My problem is the listening and understanding. I must just be stupid! I'm glad you are in tune.

  2. It's because you keep your scripture notebook.

    Seriously, as soon as I can FIND one of my 200 notebooks, I'm totally doing that. I love it.


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