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Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Spencer’s K teacher needed a little assistance. I am lucky enough to have some friends who are lovers of the baby variety and they were willing to babysit P while I went over. I spent about 1/2 an hour in Conner’s class and then spent almost 3 hours with Spencer. Observations:

1. Conner’s teacher is gonna be great for him. There’s a lot of concentration and hard work in there. Love that. He’s also super fun when it’s time for the fun. Work hard, play hard… it’s our family motto (right after “happy eternal family” — work hard play hard is really what the nitty gritty motto is though).

2. Spencer talks too much. He has input to give on EVERYTHING. I am not surprised as he talks all the time at home anyway, but it’s something we need to work on, as it doesn’t make a great student. However, thankfully, once the teacher mentions it, he quiets down. {sigh}

3. Spencer, as all children are, is attracted to the “wild child”. Like moths to a flame it’s the boy who’s shooting everyone on the carpet. Uh-huh, that kid — he’s all we talk about at home.

4. If my child cries while I’m not there is he really crying? Well, something like that. Sometimes I just wonder if it’s because I’m there. He threw a little fit at snack time, and that just wasn’t cool in my book. Luckily, his teacher dealt with it.

5. I LOVE Spencer’s teacher, but I’m having a harder time dealing with the teacher switch than I thought I would. It’s no secret I adored Conner’s K teacher and I’m still just so sad when I walk by her room. I miss it. It’s not to say that he’s not getting any less of an education in the other room, it’s just not the same — and heavens knows I love things that are the same. I just don’t know if I’ll smile when seeing a smiley face again….

So, do you have solutions to kids who talk too much, and senseless emotional bonds with teachers? Do tell.

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    Oh, I’m sad you are sad! Only because I can empathize with feeling disappointment. I’m loving teaching, and think I’ll be OK with full-time. However, I so wanted to check the ‘room parent’ box on the volunteer form. I feel like I was made for that job, and I’m bummed that I can’t play that role. I just tell myself that I have to get creative.

    I’m sure Spencer is just talking a lot because he is such an eager learner. It’s hard for some kids with such curious minds to learn to share the stage with the other 19. It’s too bad really that they have to talk less and listen more. Talking is how they learn! But that’s how it is. No advice needed, I think. He’ll get it.

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    I don’t know anything about emotional bonds with teachers. Am I weird that I have never experienced that? My kids have had good teachers, for sure, but I wouldn’t be sad if the next child didn’t get that teacher. It’ll be okay. Fine. Wonderful. Really.

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