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As I sat down to dinner last night and surveyed everything that was on the table. I realized I hate myself. If I’d had a crystal ball when I was 16 and saw what I’d placed on the table last night I probably would’ve slit my wrists. What did I see? Homemade bread that I’d ground the wheat for, and green beans I grew in my own garden (which I try to keep organic).

EWwwww…. when DID I become this person?

Well, it’s obviously happened slowly.

We’ve gardened pretty well for the last 5 years and slowly I’m getting more into it. I might even get a compost bin (hate myself for wanting one).

I’ve always enjoyed fresh bread, but now that I have a grinder and I have read some stuff on the Internet I am really excited about all the health benefits that fresh ground flour can give a person. Also, as I think of the people who consistently grind their own wheat, they are not overweight, not in the slightest… usually they are some of the skinniest people I know. Of course, that is most likely a trend I will buck… Our church has a thing called the “Word of Wisdom” and I have really been struck by how they stress eating grains and using that as the staff of life (my mom hates that part, since she’s allergic to wheat). This morning I just ground a few cups to have on hand in the freezer when I’m baking. I made some chocolate chip pancakes with it, it was delish.

The good news is, the salad came out of a bag, so I can’t completely hate myself. I just think it’s interesting how people change. I still vow I will never take up tole painting. Or making glass grapes. You’ve gotta draw the line somewhere.

** I’d be happy to grind wheat for anyone local. Of course, you’ll have to get your own wheat, but I might even be able to help with that. 😉

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    I completely relate, especially about food you’ve grown yourself. I got over it, though, because it’s such a money saver and so rewarding to eat stuff I grow. Healthy, cheap, organic-ish, green…what’s not to like?

  2. says

    I’ll have to sample this bread to see if it’s any good…we’ve got our own wheat grinder at home, though no one is quite as into it as you are. We did have wheat cinnamin rolls though.

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    Bruce told me about a month ago that he’d been thinking about what his 16 year old self would think of him now. And I asked him, “If the 16 year old you wasn’t YOU, would you care what he thought?” Our perspective just changes so much. It makes me laugh to see teenagers so sure of what their future holds. :)

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